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Follow our seven NWOW ambassadors in their daily routine. See how the New World of Work really helps them to get things done for both their internal and external clients. Below the movies, you can read all about the various benefits for each of them in their personal blogs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or post comments!

  • Denis Djembi
    Key Account Manager Public Authorities
  • Guillaume Van Caloen
    Tools & Reporting unit Manager
  • Brice Meyer
    Service & Engagement Manager
  • Solene Hehl
    HR Business Partner
  • Nicolas Baugniet
  • Peter Vanwelkenhuysen
    Industry Corporate Business Sales Manager
  • Tony Gatete
    Customer Administration Coordinator
Peter Vanwelkenhuysen
Industry Corporate Business Sales Manager
I am a Sales Manager for the Telco and Media customers and some strategic global Industry accounts at Getronics. It is extremely rewarding to work with a limited number of key accounts. It allows me to spend time better understanding their business and challenges, and to detect ways to support them by means of IT technology and services. All with the aim to improve the productivity of their employees or to decrease operational costs and have a positive impact on their profit or revenue. This means I bring value to my customers and become a trusted business partner for them.

Printing done right

7 February 2011

What do you think NWOW printing should be like? Easy? Straightforward? Green? Fast? Low configuration effort? Secure? Low consumption of toner and paper?

I would like to print from home as well as from the office.
I would like to print to the printer closest to me without knowing it technical network name or address.
I would like my print to be printed when I am standing next to the printer.
I would like to avoid that tons of paper remain lying on and next to the printers.

Is this NWOW printing? I would think so. We've called it "follow-me" printing.

All our laptops have only one printer configured, which is a generic 'follow-me' printer. With our company badge we can authenticate us on the printer and get access to our personal print queue, allowing you to delete or print the documents you want.

This way you can authenticate at the printer closest to you. In an NWOW environment this can be different every time.
This way you can print from home or from any place without worrying on which printer is will be coming out. It remains in the print queue until you tell it to be printed out.
This way you can change your mind on documents already send to the printer and delete them at the printer. Happens to me all the time ;)
This way can print in all security and not waste any unnecessary paper.
This way you can centralize the printers and reduce the number significantly and thus choose for a few big and fast mulitfunctionals.

Ah ... it feels good if printing is done right ;)